Get Real Data on Content Performance

ContentIntent lets you understand exactly how your content marketing is impacting your audience of potential customers. Know which stories are driving purchase intent and positive brand sentiment, and which are missing the mark.

Content Audit

Understand the ROI of your content marketing campaigns with a drill down into exactly how much lift your company is getting – purchase intent, brand sentiment, and more.

Write This, Not That

Assess and analyze the individual story types that are having a positive impact on your brand and which aren’t. Are potential customers sharing your stories because of how much they resonate with your potential customers, or is your company’s biggest story brand negative?

Competitive Analysis

Analyze how your content is performing relative to industry peers, content vanguards, and neutral news sites. Emulate their wins and learn from their mistakes.

Demographic Drilldown

Slice and dice your readership’s behaviors and reactions among powerful demographic and psychographic sub-audiences.

Real Metrics

Move beyond vanity metrics like pageviews and social shares to see exactly how your content resonates with your audience.

Dedicated Account Management

Our best-in-class team is here to elucidate your data at a moment’s notice, letting you quickly turn insights into action.

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