Media watchers, take note. The Columbia Journalism Review just released “The Platform Press: How Silicon Valley reengineered journalism” and it’s a must-read if you want to understand how platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Snapchat have changed the media and journalism landscape.

Beyond a look into just how many hours a news organization spends posting and reworking content for various platforms, key findings include:

  • Tech companies are slowly becoming publishers themselves, competing with the very news organizations they once claimed to serve.
  • As the number of platforms grow, so does potential reach, but the ROI can be hard to measure.
  • Many stories are crafted for a platform’s audience, influencing the nature of the story.
  • The intersection of “fake news” and platform’s reliance on algorithms is coming to a head – likely necessitating more human intervention.

Do read the full report, to better understand how media companies (and brand publishers) stand among the shifting sands of the internet’s many platforms.

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