Over the years, I’ve hammered home the importance of using data to drive your content marketing, as opposed to just writing and distributing based off of gut feelings or vanity metrics. Well, we now have some exciting new research that shows just how powerful multivariate testing can be when producing a story.

Double your Sharing

According to new data from Priceonomics, simply A/B testing an article’s headline can almost double how frequently it gets shared on social media.

There’s even more good news. A/B testing headlines leads to:

  • 34% more pageviews (that’s the mean improvement; 28% more if measured by median.)
  • Up to 587% more social shares (or 75% more, if looking at median and not mean.)
  • As much as a 6% increase in press mention. (Again, that’s the median; it’s -2.7% by mean, but I suspect that last metric might be within the margin of error for the experiment on the whole.)

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