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In 2015, this column took a look at some of the best and worst pieces of content marketing produced that year, breaking down what made some pieces work, and why others fell flat on their faces.

Great content is something you truly want to read – informative, funny, insightful, unique – and isn’t interfered with by the advertiser to stick their logo or message in your face. Bad content is just the opposite – it’s 100% “advertising” and zero percent “native” – contrived and uninformative, and at times even deceptive.

As we are now in our third month of 2016, we can look back at some of the content marketing pieces to come out this year, and it looks like the same breakdown from last year holds strong. Some publishers are creating truly positive pieces for their advertisers, some brands are muddling along in the middle, and lots of sites are still churning out garbage. Let’s take a look at a piece that best exemplifies each of those categories.

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